Location: Flemingdon Park, East York - Downtown Oshawa, ON, Coxwell & Gerrard

Snitch Biography:

Bio: Tristan recently returned to Toronto on February 8th 2016 after selling botched dope to a 25-year-old man in Whitby, Ontario. He got out of the truck without calling 911 to assist someone he professed to be his "friend", and ran out of the city to hopefully evade arrest. Tammy, his mother, lives in East York - and after being detained for distribution of heroin by DRPS, he was released several days on bail after gushing everything to police as a means to lessen his own repercussions.

I am an extended family member of the deceased- if the police won't hold their end of judicial system up by pressing second degree murder charges because they have a few names on a tip list, I think it's fair game to provide the public with this information. He was arrested February 11th, out on the 13th.

2end post :"Child molester"

He snitches on the dealer in Whitby ad well as on the dealer here. He's also called ow and children's aid on people. He's also a woman beater

Physical Description:

Height: 5ft 8
Weight: 140
Clothing Style:

Tattoos: create above his eyebrow with 2 bloody year drops under his eye and an upside down heart under the other eye and fingers tatet
Clothing Style: skinny jeans and caps

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