Also Known As (Aka) Menacinman & Ace


Dob: 1980


Brampton, Ontario

Snitch Biography:

Ethnicity: Jamaican
Occupation: Aspiring Rap Star/ confidential informant

Drug use by this informant:
Cocaine, Extacy, Marijuana

Agency this informant works for:
Brampton Police & Toronto Police
Other: Self Employed

Activity committed by this informant:
Street peddling, convicted drug trafficker

Fact's that would question this informant's credibility:
Paperwork from a case for 1 of his co-defendants.

Still involved in any illegal activity :
Yes he is, but he works for the police in order to help them apprehend innocent people that he set's up to stay out of jail.

Email Address: caramel_kandi@hotmail.com

Physical Description:

descriptive characteristics: Jamaican / rapper

Social Media Links:

Email Address: caramel_kandi@hotmail.com