Varsh, Ram the hole V (mans nickname)


February 15, 1997


45A Rushley Drive, Scarborough, Toronto, Canada

Snitch Biography:

Certified rat liar Scarborough waste broke informant who went out of her way to snitch on my boy and is an active police b**** - see photo - to save her own skinny little a**. He told me not to put this one up - sorry g - because shes such a lying snitch that she uses any reason to run her dirty little mouth to anyone that will listen for attention. She loves the attention. Social justice warrior - the delusional ignorant kind who is afraid of anything she doesnt understand or agree with. Makes up any information to use in her snitching. Attention seeking h*e like the type of waste b**** that will wear the same spandex pants everyday and flirt with mans for the attention and then gossip about everyone behind their backs in order to use people even though she stupid and everybody know she a nobody. Young and slutty so gets attention now and thinks shes special you know those ones but lives with her parents and dont have two bills to rub together though young dumb and broke. Goes to mandems houses and smokes their weed and drinks and then gets dropped off by them at her boyfriends little known to him. Gets drunk at parties and lapdances mandem also little known to her geek a** boyfriend.

The type of snitch to have conversations secretly recorded and lie about what people say and do around it. Want to be a journalist but would make up fake information and is too stupid to see that everybody knows shes waste. Student of Centennial Journalism and "Toronto Observer" participant some wannabe news outlet overrun by mostly immigrant children who are bitter and have nothing to do but complain about the society they live in. My parents came to canada too and I never cried about not being able to make it because of other people. Part of the reason she snitched on my boy is because hes white and even though he put on so many non white people she still dissed along with her other brown people. Can't trust what she say at all. If you know this chick dont talk to her. Worried about jobs but really wont get nun because dumb af and shiestin mans. The type that you disagree with and then she will say you threatened her because she doesnt like what you say or feels upset so thinks just because she says something its true to everyone else. Shes close friends with another snitch on this site Ramisa Tasfia. If youre thinking of working with her dont she will sell you out snitch rat whatever she has to to gain whatever small bit she could since she cant get successful on her own. She also will steal or corrupt facts in order to seem right. Dumb and couldnt even handle an excel sheet or essay properly despite taking journalism wow. Throws hissy fits when she cant get her way or doesnt make sense too anyone else. Guyanese gyal but talks shit about Guyana all the time. Still hates on white people though and blames them for her lack of opportunity and success - see picture. Any non brown person that she comes across she gonna hate on thinking your the reason her family and herself cant make it.

Cant walk these streets no more not safe for the snitches any longer they gotta get it inshallah. You did a good man dirty and we got his back 4 life.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Guyanese
Height: short
Weight: 85lbs anorexic
Tattoos: None
Clothing Style: broke casual but lowkey slutty
Sexual Orientation: bisex

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647-832-0031 - cell

Varsha Ramdihol Toronto