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San Diego, California (America)

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Before I begin to rip into this fragile one. To anybody who decides to think that sporting blackface is some sort of cool outrage anti-politically correct martyr statement; you're just as much of a wierdo as these guys are. All you tell the younger generation is that you're obsessed with black people to an extent you're fragile mind is willing to go full stupid and paint your face with shit or tar to portray black people. All black people do is laugh at how much of a wierdo you are. Who has the time for that? Without a further a do, lets welcome one of these goofballs, Zach Highfield to the "Golden Snitches Hall of Fame".

Who is Zach? Well Zach is a San Diego based United States Marine. They are stationed within the Third Marine Air Wing, under the United States Armed Forces as of February 2019.

Well why is Zachy boy here? Well for being a wierdo basically. Zach Highfield is under investigation after he posted a video that appears to show him and another unidentified Marine in blackface, KPBS reports. The video posted to Highfield’s Snapchat was reposted on Twitter last week. The video shows one of the men use the word “blackface” and another saying “hello monkey.” The Third Marine Air Wing, which is based at Miramar Air Station, said it is investigating the post. Zach Highfield told KPBS that they used charcoal masks which are used to clean pores. It drew backlash through Twitter and became viral.

Full Video to Incident: https://www.facebook.com/ATLBlackStar/videos/871672139891254/

Zach responded to backlash by stating, “it looks a lot worse than it is.” “It was a bad mistake,” he said. “We had no intention to offend.”

The video was reposted on Twitter last week where many users have called for Highfield to be removed from the Marines.

“This is Zach Highfield, he’s a Marine who is proudly displaying his bigotry by wearing blackface in his military gear. The man behind him who says “hello monkey” hasn’t been identified yet. Care to comment on this racist behavior @USMC?” wrote a user named Simar, who published it on Twitter. “This behavior is not what the Marine Corps is about. They’re a disgrace to the uniform and are not the type of people I would serve with,” another user commented. “There is no place or position in the United States Armed Forces where this is acceptable behavior. We the People, which includes we who serve or who have served, or even who might one day serve, demand much better than this,” another woman wrote. Charity Apostolic Church pastor Bishop Cornelius Bowser responded, “We pay our tax dollars for them to protect and serve our country and this is not it, right there, that kind of display, that kind of character should not be allowed.”

Marine Corps responded, “We are aware of the post. An investigation has been initiated to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding the content,” Maj. Josef Patterson, a spokesman for the division, said in a statement Monday. “Our leaders are committed to maintaining an environment of professionalism, dignity, and respect. 3rd MAW takes all allegations of discriminatory behavior very seriously as they stand in stark contrast of our core values of honor, courage, and commitment and do not reflect the discipline and professionalism of the Marines and Sailors of 3rd MAW.”

Heres my take? How stupid do you have to be, as a part of the Marine Corps of America, to record yourself in blackface especially in a racially aware America that is 2019 and than post it on social media. Than after it circulates you have to deactivate all social media and say it was taken out of context. This future cuckold needs a sticker. Get this joke out of the Marines, how is this wierdo supposed to protect America? By wearing make-up to fetish black people? He should be in a room jacking off to interracial porn 24/7, he looks like.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian American
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 123 Lbs
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: Wannabe Patriot
Sexual Orientation: Cuckold

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Instagram: @zhighfield
Snapchat: @zhighfield